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Whether you have arrived at work stressed, or have been juggling bags of groceries all day, we understand that mistakes happen. That’s why we offer an automotive locksmith service. Please call us when you’ve accidentally locked your keys in the car across Maroochydore and all other suburbs of the Sunshine Coast.

We don’t just help with your car! We offer locksmith services for:

  • trucks
  • bikes
  • planes
  • in fact most vehicles

Our experienced vehicle locksmith team service the Sunshine Coast including Mooloolaba, Marochydore, Caloundra and many more locations.

Our owner Stewart, has worked on vehicles for more than 30 years. He is highly experienced in keyless entry, car key replacement and more!


Vehicle locksmith services include:

  • Vehicle entry: emergency after hours service available on request.
  • Electronic key programming
  • Clone a variety of keyless entry remotes
  • Program common transponder keys, electronic keys and keyless remotes
  • Re-keying and ignition servicing
  • Car key replacement, repair and installation services

Please note that not all locksmiths offer these services, as the cost of setting up equipment, software and training expenses are more than considerable.


Special services for electronic car keys

The modern vehicle that is locked up with no keys available, presents difficulties not found in the older ones. Cars locked electronically by remote may need special tools and techniques to open them. Our car locksmith team is equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge to remove all your locked keys in the vehicle, whether it be at your Maroochydore home, stranded roadside in Mooloolaba or other suburbs. However, please bear in mind that, when an electronic key is involved the process may take longer.


Lost your only car key

We recommend always keeping a spare car key, because losing your only set – or having it break or fail on you – can result in a higher cost.

If you do lose all the keys to your car, then the process of providing another original one – which we make from scratch – is a lot more complex. The vehicle may need to be unlocked, the security alarm reset and codes ascertained using specialist diagnostic equipment and techniques. Our team possesses the knowledge to make this possible.


Locked your keys in the car?

If you are a member of RACQ then they may be able to let you in for free, if not then give us call on 0477 003 726


Security is our world. Let us make your world safe now.

Someone holding a key after our automotive locksmith services on the Sunshine Coast

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Master Locksmiths industry accredited
Locksmiths Guild Australia industry accredited
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