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We are the most reliable, safe and secure team on the Sunshine Coast, with locksmiths servicing all areas across the Sunshine Coast, from Kawana to Gympie including Mooloolaba and Maroochydore and many other suburbs. With domestic and commercial capabilities, we are able to help anyone access their property.

The Point

138-140 Point Cartwright Drive Buddina Qld 4575

“The Point” is a shopping mall located in beautiful Buddina on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. This state-of-the-art modern precinct is directly opposite the very well-known Kawana Shopping World (119 Port Cartwright Drive, Buddina). The main exposure for this complex is on the Coast’s largest arterial road, the Nicklin Way and so it is only minutes from Mooloolaba and Maroochydore. Entry to the mall is off both Port Cartwright Drive and the Nicklin Way, Kawana.


The owners of “The Point” is Pellicano Pty Ltd and they are an award-winning property and construction company, established in 1967. They really know their business and have stood the test of time. In fact, “The Point” was proudly developed, constructed and is still managed by Pellicano. After careful consideration, the owners of the complex contacted us at Sunshine Master Locksmiths and asked for a price on securing the site at with a high-level restricted Master Key System. We offered an obligation free on-site quote within 24 hours of their very first phone call and were contracted to secure the area on the delivery of the precise and timely detailed quote. It has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure working for Pellicano Pty Ltd for the second time on the Sunshine Coast and I look forward to a long and happy relationship with the company.

For further information on the managers of “The Point” please view the website:


Sunshine Master Locksmiths were tasked with designing and installing a high security Restricted Master Key System for the entire and new complex. This type of keying system offers the management control over access to all areas of the complex. Management is able to have a record of how many keys have been dispensed (the locksmith keeps the record in a secure location, for example, a safe). When the lease is up and/or the tenant decides to leave, all keys must be handed in to management and be accounted for. Unfortunately, more often than not, all the key are not handed in and then the locks must be re-keyed immediately to maintain optimal security. This type of job is certainly classed as an emergency and if it happens, we are always available 24/7, 365 days per year in order to rectify the situation immediately and efficiently upon notice of the occurrence.

“The Point” consist of some well-known franchises and specialty shops. This high-profile Shopping Centre has accepted tenancy from Beefy’s Pies, is there a better pie anywhere? Anytime Fitness Kawana can keep you fit all day long. In fact, we are all excited to know that all in all there twelve other fabulous places to shop. This clean, bright new establishment also includes an excellent amenities section that offers separate men’s and women’s toilets (so many are starting to offer only one unisex toilet now) and there is another room designated as a parent’s room with a baby change table in the area. There are toilets and showers for the disabled also in the amenities section. Of course, there is a parking area designated for the disabled as well and that area is very easy to navigate through. If you are hungry, “The Point” offers a range of food options from dining in through to café and Hungry Jack’s takeaway, drive through and dine in. We have Panda and Chopsticks if your feeling like Asian, I hear their Mongolian lamb is spectacular and you may even be lucky enough to score a free bag of prawn chips. There is the Hikaru Sushi Train and the specialties that I can thoroughly recommend here are the Teriyaki chicken and let’s face it, salmon is always a winner. This establishment comes under the category of cheap eats and it was a pleasure to install a restricted system in that shop, also. Feeling like a little Mexican food, that is covered too at the Burrito Bar – its modern Mexican. I just love sweet potato wedges. If you are in need of some groceries there is a phenomenal IGA on site and the opening hours are pretty cool too, from 6 am in the morning till 10 pm at night, 7 days per week. IGA always have you covered. You know “The Point” isn’t always and only about food, I placed the restricted system in “Breathe Hair and Beauty” and they offer different specials regarding various aspects of your beauty regime every month, just keep an eye on their website. Talking about breathing, “Studio Pilates Buddina International” is worth a visit if that is your thing. They offer a 40-minute training session to sculpt the entire body and are open till 7 pm. Shop number 10 offers relaxation with a remedial massage and the like, the name of the business is “Herbalance” and you can have a Google to see what you think.” Hello Baby 3D” is a pretty exciting business, they can tell you the sex of your baby at only 14 weeks, they have some amazing packages available at the moment, too. “The Point” also offers Aussie, a leader in leading, located at shop K. There really is so much to see and do and I’ve only mentioned a few shops in this outstanding precinct.

It really was an honour to offer all these quality shops such a high level of security.

Its important to know that with a restricted Master Key system, if a key is ever lost the business name and phone number of the locksmith who supplied the system is stamped on it. A key can never be cut without written permission, signatures are matched. The establishment that the key belongs to is not stamped on the key and so whoever finds the key calls the locksmiths who installed the system. This offers incredible security.


The Restricted Master Key System was installed in a timely manner. The establishment is especially impressed with the fact that they receive a 24-hour response time with new keys delivered to them personally as they do not have to send someone to a shop in order to get a key cut. Many precious man hours have been saved by the attention to detail and incredible personalised service that the team at Sunshine Master Locksmiths offer each and every client.

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Plaza Markets

45-49 Plaza Parade Maroochydore 4558

The Plaza Market, Maroochydore is located directly opposite the Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre, in Maroochydore. The Plaza is surrounded by major retailers, commercial office tenants and well-known banking institutions. Bunnings, Officeworks and many more retailers are all situated in the large Maroochydore shopping precinct.


Pellicano Pty Ltd is the owner of the Plaza Markets and this in the first project that Sunshine Master Locksmiths and Pellicano embarked upon together. As this was a successful collaboration, we moved on a few months later to install the restricted Master Key system at ‘The’ Point in the beautiful suburb of Kawana. For any further information on the owners and managers of the “Plaza Markets” please view the website;


For this, our very first job with Pellicano, we were asked to install a master key system into the premises (not a restricted one like “The Point” at Kawana). A master key system consists of keys and locks (albeit lock cylinders) that allow different people or groups of people to be able to gain entry to certain and or specific designated areas of an establishment. Our systems are always designed and maintained for maximum expansion with a view to providing expansion for the future. Be aware that some locksmiths will install locks that have little consideration for this. It is also possible for restricted systems to run out of restriction after a certain period.

The shops in the Plaza Markets offer a variety of options for the savvy shopper and so the master key holders consist of Flannery’s Organic and Wholefood Market, with the vison of being the best organic wholefood market in Australia. They have been in operation for over 30 years. They have the mission of creating a healthier, happier world by enhancing wellness. The second master key holder is Korean BBQ, located at shop 3b the Korean buffet offers late night food in a cosy and casual atmosphere. The amenities and great for kids and there are accessible wheel chair accesses. The soups are said to be amazing. Next, we have Snap Fitness, they are shop 4 and have the highest quality fitness equipment coupled with amazing atmosphere, vibes and music according to the rave reviews on the website. We then come to Soo Sushi, often said to be the best sushi train on the Sunshine Coast. They offer free sauces, too. They now offer a $7.00 lunch deal too, you can’t beat that for value, can you? The Good Feet Store is shop no 7, they are orthopaedic specialists and you can make an appointment via their website; and they are open all day each Saturday, for your convenience. You can pop in any time for a free no obligation personalised fitting and test walk. Lastly, we have Jenny Craig the weight loss centre in the Plaza Markets being shop number 8. Here you are guided to lose weight in a safe and effective way.


Currently, all our staff are enrolled for a course on mushroom pin lock picking at Skills Tech Brisbane. This will further the skills of all staff members as a part of our continuous improvement program.

Access Control: This is the way that many businesses are now going as they only need to swipe a card. The access control system allows entry by way of recognising, authenticating and then authorizing the entry of a person to gain entry to an establishment and so giving complete protection. Now where to invest in the correct security technology is all important to the protection of your staff, your site visitors your equipment and of course, in the end, the success of your business. You can make your business as easy to enter and as welcoming as you need and still ensure the absolute maximum protection against the unwanted intruders. You simply must have a reliable and fully functioning system with cutting edge technology and we at Sunshine Master Locksmiths can assist you with that. We offer flexible solutions for small, medium and large business. Business and commercial security is what we do, we want to deter trespassers and unwanted burglaries. The team now offers more than 50 years’ experience in the field of locksmithing and are regularly attending new information session, guild meetings, and courses in order to stay current. It is an exciting time and an exciting field. So many once believed that locksmiths only cut keys and now through the digital media everyone know how vast this field is. Security is becoming more and more interesting and the thieves are becoming smarter as time goes on and you owe it to yourself and your business to stay ahead of the game and not let yourself or your team down. Security must be an integral part of your business and as your business grows the correct system in your business will grow with you, but you need a professional to guide you on this. We are the professionals that you require. We often assist business owners after hours because that is what suits them best. Don’t wait till a security issue happens before updating. You really don’t want to be calling as after the fact because the timing is inconvenient to say the least. It is a sad fact that we are very often call after the worst has occurred at 3am in the morning when an establishment has been broken in to and unfortunately if the owner only had the foresight to a have called us earlier the entire event might never have happened. It is a cold hard world out there now and we must be vigilant and protect what is rightfully ours. Please call us on 0477 003 726 anytime and we can discuss you requirements for your security that will give you peace of mind and help you sleep easier and with any luck, you wont be woken in the middle of the night by that terribly upsetting news, because you didn’t call us first.

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